Jobs Portal is a php web based software that can be used to create easily powerful, modern and mobile-friendly job portal websites. It has various features for the employers to post jobs, make them featured, upload banners, search in the database with job seekers resumes and others and also for the job seekers to apply for jobs, create their resume online etc. The software has various plugins coming by default like indeed back fill plugin, mobile version, Facebook and LinkedIn integration and others. It comes with a front site (fully customizable and template based), job seekers administration space (with functionality for the users to edit their profile, see the job offers, create and manage their resume etc.), search the database with the job seeker resumes and many others) and an advanced administration panel (providing full control over the website, its content and settings).

Jobs Portal is a software product for running job portal websites allowing the employers to post their jobs, the job seekers to sign up and create their resume, search for jobs etc. It is written in PHP and is using a MySQL database.
The employers can use different services on the website like:
- posting jobs, bulk import or export jobs
- make them featured
- process the job applications, approve or reject them
- post banners in selected banner areas, which are created by the administrator
- search in the database with job seeker resumes and others.
The administrator / website owner can charge the employers when using the different services or make some of them or all to be free. The software comes with different payment systems integrated by default like PayPal, Google Checkout, 2checkout, Skrill / Moneybookers, PagSeguro, PayFast, InterKassa, PayMate, Amazon Payments and others.


Responsive (mobile-friendly) front end design created with the latest Bootstrap 4

Job search form allowing to search the jobs by keyword and location

Functionality to create job email alerts and be notified by email when there are new jobs listed on the site matching the search criteria

Home page slider allowing to show own sliders or featured or latest jobs or mix between them, which can be controlled from the admin panel

Functionality to change the main site colors from the admin panel by selecting one of the predefined colors or entering a custom color code

Advanced search form allowing to search by keyword, job type, location, category, company name, posting date, zip code and distance search from a selected zip code

Multi-language site with possibility to load more languages on the site and let the site visitors choose the language they prefer

Predictive (with suggestions) location search in the main job search form

Section showing the top companies on the site (which have posted most jobs or featured jobs) with links to see the company details and its jobs

Browse jobs by category, showing a list with categories and functionality to highlight categories and upload images for them

Browse jobs by location, showing a list with locations and functionality to highlight locations and upload images for them

Search functionality and see the middle search results

Featured (paid) listings showing always on top of their category and the search results

Integration with job feeds provides like Indeed, SimplyHired and CareerJet allowing to show additional job results, can be activated from the admin panel and allows even new sites to have thousands of jobs at the moment when they are launched

Search filters to filter the jobs by job type, date posted, category, location, salary range

Job details page showing the full information for the job, application link, map of the company, video of the company if any and others

Functionality to redirect the jobseekers to apply to an external link or show the job details with a PDF file (showing in iframe on the job details page)

Functionality to redirect the jobseekers to apply to an external link or show the job details with a PDF file (showing in iframe on the job details page)

Page showing all the employers registered on the site and form allowing to search them

Browse the registered companies by industry sector

Company details page showing the full details about the company-name, address, description, video, map etc. and contact form for the site visitors allowing to contact the company

Functionality to rate and write reviews for the companies and read the reviews posted by the others

Course page allowing to search the course listings or browse them by category

Courses search results and details page showing the results after searches and the full details of a selected course listing

Job seeker and employer registration pages allowing the users to sign up on the site

Job agencies users, which can post jobs for different companies

News page showing the latest news on the site and allowing the administrator to post news from the admin panel

Frequently asked questions functionality allowing the administrator to create a page on the site with frequently asked questions and their answers

Contact page for contacting the site owner / administrator

Functionality to short list jobs and save them in the favourite jobs page of the user

Share the jobs on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn

Forgotten password functionality allowing the users to reset their passwords

Recommend a job to a friend-form on the job details page allowing a site visitor to recommend the job by sending an email to his friend

Functionality for adding advertisements and banners on the front site in the side column, top or bottom of the site

Login with a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account


Dashboard showing the last posted jobs, chart with statistics information for the new jobs, new employers and jobseekers, short cuts to the main pages, details for the last registered employers and others

See and reply contact messages received through the main site

Page showing a log in report for the admin panel and different administrator users

Functionality to create different groups of administrator users and create and add additional administrator users in them

Set the permission for the additional administrators and their groups for the different pages in the admin panel (allowing to create users or groups having access to just some selected features and pages in the admin panel)

Page for changing the administration panel password

See the job listings on the site, edit them, activate or deactivate or delete them

See the course listings on the site, edit them, activate or deactivate or delete them

Post a new job listing for a company from the administration panel

Edit the list with job categories, set multi-level categories with up to 4 sub levels supported and possibility upload images for selected main categories

Edit the list with job locations, set multi-level categories with up to 4 sub levels supported and possibility upload images for selected main categories

Modify the course categories on the site

Monitor or delete the job alerts created by the job seekers

Create custom fields for the job ads from the administration panel (which will show then automatically on the pages for posting jobs and job details page on the main site)

See the job applications for selected job ads

See the registered employers on the website, edit their information, deactivate or delete their accounts

See the registered job seekers on the website, edit their information, deactivate or delete their accounts

Add new custom fields for the job seekers (which will show after on the job seeker registration page and the pages for editing their profile in the job seeker administration panel)

Add new custom fields for the employers (which will show after on the employers registration page and the pages for editing their profile in the employer administration panel)

Page showing the reviews posted by the companies with functionality to modify or delete them

See the messages exchanged by the employers and job seekers

Page showing the uploaded files by the job seekers with functionality to open or delete them

Edit the website pages content with a WYSIWYG editor

Modify the main site page names, meta tags like title, meta description and keywords and other settings

Add new pages to the site

Change the pages hierarchy by making a main page a sub page of another etc.

Manage separate the site content for the different languages

Set custom extensions (php files with custom code) to be executed for selected page-can be used to expand the functionality of the website pages

See statistics information for the site or integrate easily with Visit Analytics for detailed web reports about the site visits

Delete or deactivate the pages or make them show only in the bottom menu of the website

Edit the template of the main site and template used for the job seeker and employer administration panels

Upload or modify the website logo

Change the website accent color by selecting on the predefined colors or by entering a custom HTML color code

Change the background of the site with one of the available background images

Edit the slider on the home page and set to show on it the latest jobs or featured jobs or own slides or a mix between them

Create own slides by setting the slider title, text and link

Set if to use scrolling background images for the slider (and upload or manage them) or make the slider with a gradient background color based on the accent color set on the site

Post news on the site

Edit the available language versions on the site and add new languages

Modify the texts and words shown on the user interface

Set custom titles to be used for selected categories or locations for better SEO

Edit the different configuration settings on the site like the date format, currency, number of days in which the jobs will expire, time zone and many others

Set social media page links (like links to Facebook, Twitter or Google+pages) which will show then in the footer of the main site

Configure if job feeds should be used on the site (Indeed, SimplyHired or CareerJet), mix the different feeds, set their weight and others

Create different banner zones on the site by setting the allowed banner width and height, number of banners and others and let the employers upload their banners in them for a fee

Edit the values of different fields like the job types, course study modes, job experience levels and others

Special page allowing to add easily Google AdSense advertisements on the site or Google Analytics tracking code.

GDRP functionality allowing to activate GDPR consent messages for EU users and others

Payments section allowing to configure the charging mode for the users-based on subscriptions or credits or job listing packages or direct payments

Functionality to see the outstanding payments, approve them, download invoices

See a payments archive of the payments made by the users

Create subscriptions for the employers with an allowed number of jobs and featured jobs in them

Set the prices of the services in credits if the Credits charging mode is selected

Create different job listing packages with a number of jobs, featured jobs and resume views in them-the employers can purchase one or more packages and choose them when posting jobs on the site

Set the pricing for the direct payments option-price to the paid per posted job and others

Create custom extensions and custom html tags (to be added in the template) with php files executed for them to expand the existing functionality

Add frequently asked questions and their answers (to be shown on the main site)

Send newsletter to the users-create different newsletters and send them to the job seekers or employers or all users


Dashboard showing the latest jobs of the employer, received messages and shortcuts to the other pages in the administration panel

Payments page allowing the employer to get new job listing packages or choose a new subscription and buy credits, see the outstanding payments and pay them

Create additional sub accounts and link them to the main employer account

Set the permissions for the sub accounts and the pages they can access in the employer administration panel by checking the corresponding pages

Read and reply the received contact messages

Post new jobs by filling different fields like job title, category, description, location, job start date, contract type, salary and others

Manage or delete the existing job listings

Functionality to choose to publish the job on a later selected date and also unpublish it on a selected date

Feature allowing the employer to specify an external url for the job applications

Functionality to upload the job details with a pdf file (showing with an iframe on the job details page on the front-end)

Possibility to post a job anonymously and hide the company information and contact name

Functionality to publish courses listings, manage or delete them later

Upload banners in the website banner zones as defined by the administrator

See the expired job listings, choose to renew or delete them

Manage the job application-see the new job applications, approve or rejected them

Approved and rejected applications pages allowing to see the previously approved or rejected applications for selected job listings

Edit the profile information and fields like company name, contact name, phone, company website and others

Upload a company logo (to be shown on the job listing pages and in search results)

Create a video presentation of the company by setting an YouTube video url

Browse and search the database with resumes of the job seekers

Open selected resumes or download them as pdf files


Dashboard showing the job applications history of the job seeker, received messages and shortucts to other admin pages

Form for searching jobs in the job seeker administration panel

Read and reply messages received from employers or recruiting agencies

See the history of the job applications, status of the application, employer reply and job details

Edit the job seeker profile information and different fields in it

Set the job preferences like expected salary, job type, experience, preferred job categories, locations and others

Edit the resume with a text editor allowing to paste and save it like text

Manage or delete the current job email alerts

Edit the resume with the resume editor-by filling different fields for the education, spoken languages etc

See statistics about how many times the job seeker profile has been seen by employers (after searching the job seeker resume database) and details for the employers / companies, which visited it

Create a video resume by uploading it with a file or setting a YouTube video url

Upload documents like certificates, references, resumes and select any of them to be attached later when applying for jobs

Functionality to scan the uploaded pdf, rtf and docx files like text and index their content in the database to make them searchable by the employers

Create new job alert rules by selecting the job location, keyword and category and be notified when there are new jobs posted meeting the criteria

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