PHP Online School is an advanced web solution that can be installed on a web server or a hosting package to create an online school website or to add an online training functionality to existing sites.
It offers different features to post and search online lessons, browse them by category, create different types of tests (with open-ended, close-ended questions or a mix between them), auto evaluate the online tests submitted by the users, generate certificates for the passed exams, functionality to submit and reply questions posted by the users and many others.
PHP Online School comes also with an advanced content management system allowing to manage the main site pages, create new pages or edit the existing ones, edit their content, manage online advertisements, edit the website design and others.

The online school users can access their own administration panel allowing them to easily search the lessons, take new tests, see their completed tests and certificates, read the frequently asked questions and submit their own questions to be seen and replied by the teachers.
PHP Online School is written in PHP and uses a MySQL relational database to store the data. It's provided with the full source codes that can be modified in order to customize the script and adapt it to different projects and website requirements. We also offer various customization services to help you create quickly the website you need - please don't hesitate to contact us and send us your requirements and we'll get back to you asap after that.


Responsive (mobile-friendly) front end design based on the Bootstrap CSS library

Main search form allowing to search the online lessons posted on the website by keyword or subject

Home page showing the last added lessons, a section to browse the lessons by subject and the last added frequently asked questions

Functionality to easily customize the front-end colors from the admin panel by selecting one of the predefined colors or entering a custom color code

Multi-language site with possibility to load more languages on the site and let the site visitors choose the language they prefer

A page showing a preview of the online tests available on the website with functionality for the user to log in / register and complete the test

News page showing the latest news on the site and allowing the administrator to post news from the admin panel

Footer section of the site showing quick links to the website pages and the latest news

Frequently asked questions functionality allowing the administrator to create a page on the site with frequently asked questions and their answers

Social medias section having links to social media pages, as configured in the main administration panel

Contact page for contacting the site owner / administrator

Forgotten password functionality allowing the users to reset their passwords


Dashboard showing the last received questions, chart with statistics information for the new users, shortcuts to the main pages in the administration panel

See and reply contact messages received by the students

Page showing a login report for the admin panel and different administrator users

See and edit the currently available online lessons on the site

Add new lessons by selecting the category, title, upload photos and edit the content with a WYSIWYG editor

Manage the lesson subjects, categories and subcategories

Create student tests by choosing between closed-ended question tests (for which the test scores are calculated automatically) or a mix of closed-ended and open-ended questions

Functionality to set the test pass mark, description, title and add the different test questions

Possibility to choose between text boxes, drop down menus, check boxes, radio buttons and text areas for the open-ended questions

See and manage the list of the registered users / students

Check the new questions sent by the students, reply, archive or close them

Define question categories and frequently asked questions

Manage the structure of the main site pages, add new pages, remove or rename the existing ones

Edit the content of the pages with a WYSIWYG editor

Deactivate or activate pages, set their meta tags for a better SEO

Post and edit news on the website, that will show on the News page and also in the latest news section

Add new languages, manage a multi-language website

Edit the website template, modify the template html code

Upload and change the website logo and header image

Add Google AdSense advertisements or Google Analytics tracking code from the admin panel

Edit the different configuration options like the date format, currency, social media pages and others

Customize the website colors, background and fonts

Edit the website's text and messages showing up on the user interface

Create custom HTML tags with custom PHP code executed for them allowing to extend the default functionality

Frequently asked questions functionality allowing the administrator to add frequently asked questions and their answers that will show on the FAQ page of the main site

Possibility to create different administrator groups and different admin users having different permissions for the administration panel pages

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If above scope of work is not fulfilling your requirenments, then contact us to discuss for any further customization. Our technical team can make a detailed scope of work as per your requirenments and submit you within no time.