PHP Restaurant Site allows restaurant owners and web developers to create easily advanced restaurant websites with functionality for ordering food online, table booking, news publishing and many others. It comes also with an advanced administration panel allowing to manage the website pages and content, the different settings, create photo galleries, process the online food orders, reply the contact messages, manage the online reviews, create coupon codes and quantity discounts, customize the site colors and many others. is a complete web system coming with a front-end and administration panel allowing to create quickly modern php restaurant websites. PHP Restaurant Site is written in PHP and is using a MySQL database to store the data. It's provided with the full source codes allowing to customize the current functionality or add new custom features to it. We also offer a free installation service to help you set up the site quickly and also free technical support should you have any questions or need any help.


Responsive and mobile friendly layout (using the Bootstrap css library) of the main site and the administration panel

Functionality for ordering food online and admin panel for the users to track their order and edit shipping details

Functionality for the users to book a table online by selecting the date and time, number of guests, enter any special requests and contact information

Menu Items Management-add items to the restaurant menu or import them by using a CSV file, add products options

Menu Item Reviews-Allowing users to rate and write reviews for the products

Coupon Codes-Create coupon codes for discounts, the coupon codes can be entered by the users when placing orders

Template Based-The template based approach makes possible for you to customize their design or create your own templates

Customer Loyalty Program-Allowing to let the customers earn points when purchasing products and spend them for other free products and gifts

SEO optimized-Using tags and links in search engines friendly format and other SEO techniques for better ranking in search engines

WebSite Structure Management-Add new pages to the website directly from the admin panel, rename or remove the existing ones, use WYSIWYG editor to modify the pages content

Fast & Responsive Admin Panel-Most of the pages in the admin panel load without reloading the entire website (AJAX) ensuring faster navigation and website management

Multi-Language-Using language / text files, which can be translated in order to add new languages on the website. Ready translations are also available, please contact us for details

Post News-Functionality for posting news and announcements on the website

Configuration Options Management-Modify easily the configuration options like currency, time zone, date format etc. to customize the software for your project and country

Custom extensions and tags-Create your own custom php extensions and tags to expand the features of the software or customize it for your project requirements

Quantity Discounts-functionality to create discounts if more items from one product are purchased

Product Options feature allowing the administrator to create different features for the products like size, color etc. and let the customers choose their preferred option

Bulk import products by uploading CSV files

Functionality to export the products information in external CSV files

Digital Products-special feature to sell digital products by entering a download link for them, which is sent automatically when the customer makes a successful payment

Shipping costs and zones management-possibility to create different shipping zones and shipping costs associated with them in function of the product weight or also set fixed shipping fees per product

Manage a list of product categories with up to 4 levels of categories

See the contact messages received by the users and reply them

Log-in report functionality showing the admin panel connections and log in attempts

See separately lists of the new, approved and rejected orders, manually approve and reject customer orders

See and manage the list of customers with their details and contact information

Adjust the images upload and compression settings, the size of the generated thumbnails and others

Add automatically watermark on the product images

Add advertisements on the site in one of the 4 default zones-top, right, bottom or left

Integration with different payment providers including PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout, Skrill and others

Functionality for adding social media pages URLs

Stock management functionality, which can be enabled or disabled from the admin panel

Features to customize the date and hour format, time zone, currency

Home Slider functionality, which can be set to show own slides, featured or latest products or a mix between them

Functionality to customize the website colors by choosing any of the predefined colors or entering a custom color code

Easily edit the texts and words showing up on the site from the admin panel

Newsletter functionality for sending newsletter to the customers or website visitors who subscribed for it

Frequently Asked Questions functionality allowing the administrator to create a section on the site with frequent questions and their answers

Functionality to create additional administrator users and set their permissions for the different admin panel pages

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If above scope of work is not fulfilling your requirenments, then contact us to discuss for any further customization. Our technical team can make a detailed scope of work as per your requirenments and submit you within no time.